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Letichtech focuses on Place, People, and Project based learning. I asked some students, “What is PBL?”

  • “Amazing, best class, all of school should be PBL”​
  • “You have more freedom to learn your own way so you actually learn more, and the things you learn actually stick with you and you can use it in life” ​
  • “Coming from a person who was always called ‘princess’ or a ‘priss’, who used to hate the outdoors, after this class I love going fishing, hiking, and going to the lakes or any outdoor trips.  I love nature now.  I can’t wait for the next PBL”​
  • “I like how PBL is not just one thing, you can learn and explore a lot of different interests.  I never knew I would be able to do woodworking or 3D design and 3D printing, or metal forging”​
  • “In PBL we all interacted with each other and were one big group.  It doesn’t feel like that in other classes” 

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